Saturday, July 24, 2010

A note about the live stream connections.

At 3:30 pm (PST) a link to a pdf of the bulletin will appear on the blog enabling you to follow along. Be sure to refresh your browser in order to see the post.

Because the live stream is dependent upon wifi (wireless internet), it is possible that any of the live streams may go out during the service. If it is the live stream in the balcony, the problem will be resolved as quickly as possible and the video should come back up. However do to the location of the other two cameras and because we are putting our focus into worshiping rather than paying attention to the live stream. If for some reason the wifi signal goes out, we won't have the ability to restore the other two cameras.

Here are snapshops from the locations where the three cameras will be placed. Feel free to watch more than one version at once if your computer has the capability and your internet connection is fast enough.

Camera view from the balcony.

View from behind the alter

View from the side

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