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July 25th, 2010
4pm (Event Time Line)
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
1111 O'farrell, San Francisco - Get Directions 

Brief Background:
In 1990 two San Francisco Lutheran Churches, St. Francis and First United, defied the policy that prevented openly GLBT individuals from serving as pastors when they ordained a gay man and a lesbian couple.  As a result the two churches were expelled from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  More than 20 years later: 18 pastors have been ordained in defiance of the church, 3 pastors were removed by trial and and countless others were denied the ability to serve openly as GLBT pastors in the Lutheran Church.  Now, the ELCA has changed its policies and on July 25th, the first group of GLBT pastors who faithfully served the church, despite their undocumented status, will be recognized by the ELCA.  Seven GLBT pastors, from the Bay Area will be either received or reinstated to the ELCA roster of pastors.

Click here for Short Bios of all the Pastors or click on their names below for longer bios of individuals.

Received to the Roster Will be:

Reinstated to the Roster will be:
the Rev. Ross Merkel of St. Paul Lutheran in Oakland

Other Principal Participants in the Rite:

Additional Info:
Clergy, seminarians and other professional leaders of all faiths are invited to wear robes or a symbol of their faith. Please arrive by 3:15 for vesting, instructions, a photo and to line up for the procession.

Color of the day is Green (though rainbow stoles are always in season)
Congregations and organizations are encouraged to bring banners for the procession.

Individuals wishing to send greetings about the event can send them to The Sierra Pacific Synod (PO Box 276648, Sacramento, CA 95827-6648)

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